Industry’s first Behavioral Analysis based SQL injection defense

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IDS-6300 honored with Grand Trophy at Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards

Receives Prestigious "Grand Global Excellence" Trophy for the Best of the Best in Security Technology

Navis Deploys DB Networks to Improve Management of Global Infrastructure

DB Networks’ Continuous Monitoring and Behavioral Analysis Enables Navis to Discover and Consolidate Databases for Improved Efficiencies and Reduced Costs of Operations.

DB Networks Brings Intelligence to SQL Injection Protection

You must identify an attack to prevent it. The DB Networks IDS-6300 aims to provide nearly plug-and-play SQL injection attack monitoring. Frank Ohlhorst conducts a hands-on review of the IDS-6300.

DB Networks' new core IDS aims to stop SQL injection attacks

The trend today is toward using behavioral analysis to detect information security breaches.

White Papers

How Core IDS immediately identifies database attacks

This white paper examines how effective, real-time, protection of the database infrastructure requires a next generation Core IDS based on behavioral analysis.

How to Instrument for Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing

Learn how to identify your critical web application SQL statement generation vulnerabilities by instrumenting at the database tier.

SQL Injection Attacks: Detection in a Web Application Environment

Learn how behavioral analysis is being used to accurately detect advanced SQL injection attacks in real time.

SQL Injection threat

SQL injection attacks are responsible for over 90% of records stolen — don’t be the next victim!

In this video we examine why SQL injection has been a pervasive database security threat for over 15 years and how next generation complex behavioral analysis is addressing the threat.

Next-Gen Core IDS

Advanced Database Security

DB Networks IDS-6300 intelligent security appliance is a next generation core IDS that uses complex behavioral analysis to immediately identify advanced database attacks.


        DB Networks IDS-6300

  • Detects advanced highly obfuscated SQL injection attacks
  • Discovers all databases on the segment
  • Identifies SQL generation coding flaws in the application
  • Simplified, transparent, drop-in installation
  • Detects SQL injection attacks against Legacy and 3rd party applications
  • Zero-Day SQL injection attack detection
  • Turn-key security appliance - physical or virtual, your choice

We protect the confidential data residing in your databases from falling into the hands of cybercriminals attacking you with advanced SQL injection techniques.

Protecting the Database Tier

Mature applications are particularly vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. Advanced SQL injection attacks easily bypass signature-based perimeter defenses, and attack the web application to get to your data. The IDS-6300 can detect cyber attacks that penetrate perimeter defenses, including attacks exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities, before any data exfiltration occurs.

Behavioral Analysis
The process begins by automatically learning and modeling the application's proper SQL generation behavior. The Core IDS then uses a suite of procedures to independently test and evaluate each SQL statement against the learned behavioral model. Fuzzy logic is applied to determine the overall threat of each SQL statement. This technique is field proven to be highly accurate.